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Red Foot Tortoise 


Cherry head red-footed tortoises are omnivores and eat a wider range of foods than many other species of tortoises do. They eat a variety of fresh, dark leafy greens, such as dandelion greens, endive, mustard greens, and escarole. As well as other vegetables and fruits including carrots and clover hay. They do not feed on a lot of animal protein. 


Red-footed tortoises live throughout South America from Panama to Argentina. They are also found on the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Barbados. They live in dry and wet forests areas, grasslands and the savanna.


Red-footed tortoises are most active during the day and immediately after rain. They are inclined to be passive and locally nomadic. They wander in search of food and are not territorial. The only time that red-foots may become aggressive toward each other is during breed season when males are competing for females.


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