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Mali Uromastyx


Mali Uromastyx are herbavors! That's right, they are strick vegitarians. In captivity Uro's will feast on dark leafy greens, corn, peas and some shaved carrots. Normally a healthy Uromastyx will obtain the necessary water from his food and does not need a water bowl. 


Mali Uromastyx is an African lizard that inhabits the northern parts of Mali and the south of Algeria, where they share their habitat with other Uromastyx. The climate in their natural habitat is known as a semi- desert to desert climate, with big temperature differences between day and night. The area is very dry and consist mostly of sand wth several rock formations.  


 Uromastyx are very territorial animals, and they live alone or in small groups with only one male and one or a few females. Males will fight, and can injure each other badly when put together, but also females can be very dominant to each other and cause troubles. It might even be difficult to keep a male and a female together in a terrarium all year round, and its advisable to have an extra cage ready in case they will fight.  

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